The very good news is that there is very little regalia required until you become a Provincial Officer / Grand Officer!

OSM Members Jewel

When you are inducted into a Conclave, a Candidate will receive a Jewel suspended from a ribbon of Purple and Yellow, which is replaced on completing the Second Degree by Yellow and Purple as shown.


First degree Jewel


Second degree Princes Jewel



The colours used for the two Degrees are the same but the order on the ribbon is reversed for the Second Degree.

Because we try and complete the Second degree without undue delay, the Jewel for the First Degree is lent to the Candidate in many Conclaves, which avoids any regalia expense until the Second Degree is taken.

Conclave Officers Regalia

Conclave Officers wear a Red Sash for the work in the First Degree. Conclave Officers wear a Sash with different colouring for the Second Degree


Conclave Officers First Degree Sash


Conclave Officers Second Degree Sash

These are provided by the Conclave in the same way that Officers Collars and Sashes are provided in Craft and other Degrees and Orders

Provincial Officers Regalia

Provincial Officers wear a Royal Blue Sash edged with Gold. The insignia of the Order and the Rank attained are embroidered on it in gold wire. They also wear a royal blue collarette with a Jewel suspended from it.


Provincial Officers Sash


Provincial Officers Collarette and Jewel

Grand Officers Regalia

Grand Officers wear a dark Red Sash, again edged with Gold. The insignia of the Order, a gold crown and the Rank attained are all embroidered in gold wire. They also wear a Collarette with a Jewel suspended from it.


Grand Officers Sash


Grand Officers Collarette and Jewel